Synonyms of snap in English:



  • 1 the ruler snapped
    break, fracture, splinter, come apart, split, crack
    informal bust
  • 2 she snapped after years of violence
    flare up, lose one's self-control, freak out, go to pieces, get worked up
    informal crack up, lose one's cool, blow one's top, fly off the handle
  • 3 a dog was snapping at his heels
    bite; gnash its teeth
  • 4 “Be quiet!” Anna snapped
    say roughly, say brusquely, say abruptly, say angrily, bark, snarl, growl; retort, rejoin, retaliate
    informal jump down someone's throat
  • noun

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  • 1 she closed her purse with a snap
    click, crack, pop
  • 3 informal vacation snaps
    photograph, picture, photo, shot, snapshot, print, slide, frame, still
    informal mug shot
  • 4 it's a snap to put together
    an easy task
    informal a piece of cake, a cinch, a breeze, child's play, kid's stuff, duck soup
  • Phrases

    snap out of it

    informal you can't tell a clinically depressed person to just snap out of itrecoverget a grippull oneself togetherget over itget bettercheer upperk up informalbuck up

    snap up

    customers are snapping up these DVDs as fast as we can put them outbuy eagerlyaccept eagerlyjump attake advantage ofgrabseize (on)grasp with both handspounce on

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