Synonyms of solid in English:



  • 1 the ice cream was solid
    hard, rock-hard, rigid, firm, solidified, set, frozen, concrete
    [Antonyms] liquid, gaseous
  • 2 solid gold
    [Antonyms] alloyed, plated, hollow
  • 3 a solid line
    continuous, uninterrupted, unbroken, nonstop, undivided
    [Antonyms] broken
  • 4 solid houses
    well built, sound, substantial, strong, sturdy, durable
    [Antonyms] flimsy
  • 5 a solid argument
    well founded, valid, sound, reasonable, logical, authoritative, convincing, cogent, plausible, credible, reliable
    [Antonyms] untenable, incoherent
  • 6 a solid friendship
    dependable, reliable, firm, unshakable, trustworthy, stable, steadfast, staunch, constant, rock-steady
    [Antonyms] unreliable
  • 7 solid citizens
    sensible, dependable, trustworthy, decent, law-abiding, upright, upstanding, worthy
  • 8 the company is very solid
    financially sound, secure, creditworthy, profit-making, solvent, in credit, in the black
  • 9 solid support from their colleagues
    unanimous, united, consistent, undivided, wholehearted
    [Antonyms] divided
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