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Synonyms of sort in English:


  • 1 what sort of book is it?
    caliber, quality, form, group, set, bracket, genre, species, family, order, generation, vintage, make, model, brand, stamp, stripe, ilk, cast, grain, mold
  • 2 informal he's a good sort
  • verb

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  • 1 they sorted things of similar size
    organize, arrange, order, marshal, assemble, systematize, systemize, pigeonhole, sort out;
  • Phrases

    out of sorts
  • 1.1 I'm feeling out of sorts
    unwell, ill, poorly, sick, queasy, nauseous, peaked, run-down, below par
    informal under the weather, funny, lousy, rotten, awful, crappy, off
  • 2.1 he's out of sorts because she turned him down
    grumpy, irritable, crabby;
  • sort of
  • 1.1 you look sort of familiar
  • 2.1 he sort of pirouetted
    as it were, kind of, somehow
  • sort out
    they must sort out their problems
    resolve, settle, solve, fix, work out, straighten out, deal with, put right, set right, rectify, iron out;
    answer, explain, fathom, unravel, clear up
    informal sew up, hammer out, thrash out, patch up, figure out
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