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  • 1 the ax split the wood
    break, chop, cut, hew, lop, cleave; snap, crack
  • 2 the ice cracked and split
    break apart, fracture, rupture, fissure, snap, come apart, splinter
  • 3 her dress was split
    tear, rip, slash, slit
    literary rend
  • 4 the issue could split the party
    divide, disunite, separate, sever; bisect, partition
    literary tear asunder
    [Antonyms] unite unify
  • 5 they split the money between them
    share (out), divide (up), apportion, allocate, allot, distribute, dole out, parcel out, measure out; carve up, slice up
    informal divvy up
  • 6 the path split
    [Antonyms] converge merge
  • 7 they split up last year
    break up, separate, part, part company, become estranged; divorce, get divorced
    [Antonyms] get together marry
  • 8 informal let's split See leave1 (sense 1)
  • noun

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  • 1 a split in the rock face
    crack, fissure, cleft, crevice, break, fracture, breach
  • 2 a split in the curtain
    rip, tear, cut, rent, slash, slit
  • 3 a split in the governing party
    division, rift, breach, schism, rupture, partition, separation, severance, scission, breakup
  • 4 the acrimonious split with his wife
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