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Synonyms of spoil in English:


  • 1 too much sun spoils the complexion
    ruin, destroy, wreck;
    be a blot on the landscape
    [Antonyms] improve, enhance
  • 2 rain spoiled my plans
    ruin, wreck, destroy, upset, undo, mess up, make a mess of, dash, sabotage, scotch, torpedo
    informal foul up, louse up, muck up, screw up, put the kibosh on, scuttle, do for, throw a (monkey) wrench in the works of, deep-six
    archaic bring to naught
    [Antonyms] further, help
  • 3 his sisters spoil him
    [Antonyms] neglect, be strict with
  • 4 stockpiled food may spoil
    go bad, go off, go rancid, turn, go sour, go moldy, go rotten, rot, perish
    [Antonyms] keep
  • Phrases

    spoiling for
    it's obvious he's spoiling for a fight
    eager for, itching for, looking for, keen to have, after, bent on, longing for
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