Synonyms of spring in English:



  • 1 the cat sprang off her lap
    leap, jump, bound, vault, hop
  • 2 the branch sprang back
    fly, whip, flick, whisk, kick, bounce
  • 3 all art springs from feelings
    originate, derive, arise, stem, emanate, proceed, issue, evolve, come
  • 4 fifty men sprang from nowhere
    appear suddenly, appear unexpectedly, materialize, pop up, shoot up, sprout, develop quickly;
    proliferate, mushroom
  • 5 he sprang the truth on me
    announce suddenly/unexpectedly, reveal suddenly/unexpectedly, surprise someone with
  • noun

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  • 1 with a sudden spring he leapt on to the table
    leap, jump, bound, vault, hop;
  • 2 the mattress has lost its spring
  • 3 there was a spring in his step
    buoyancy, bounce, energy, liveliness, jauntiness, sprightliness, confidence
  • 4 a mineral spring
    literary wellspring, fount
    Japanese onsen
  • 5 the spring from which all her emotions poured
    origin, source, fountainhead, root, roots, basis
    informal ground zero
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    vernal relating to the season of spring

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