Synonyms of square in English:



  • 1 a shop in the square
    market square, marketplace, plaza, piazza
  • 2 informal you're such a square!
    (old) fogey, conservative, traditionalist, conformist, bourgeois, fossil
    [Antonyms] trendy
  • adjective

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  • 1 a square table
    quadrilateral, rectangular, oblong, right-angled, at right angles, perpendicular;
    straight, level, parallel, horizontal, upright, vertical, true, plane
    [Antonyms] crooked, uneven
  • 2 the sides were square at halftime
    level, even, drawn, equal, tied;
    neck and neck, nip and tuck, side by side, evenly matched
    informal even-steven(s)
    [Antonyms] uneven
  • 3 I'm going to be square with you
    fair, honest, just, equitable, straight, true, upright, aboveboard, ethical, decent, proper
    informal on the level
    [Antonyms] underhanded
  • 4 informal don't be square!
    old-fashioned, behind the times, out of date, conservative, traditionalist, conventional, conformist, bourgeois, strait-laced, fogeyish, stuffy
    informal stick-in-the-mud, fuddy-duddy
    [Antonyms] trendy
  • verb

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  • 1 the theory does not square with the data
    agree, tally, be in agreement, be consistent, match up, correspond, fit, coincide, accord, conform, be compatible
  • 2 his goal squared the match 1–1
    level, even, make equal
  • 3 would you square up the bill?
  • 4 Bob squared things with his boss
    resolve, sort out, settle, clear up, work out, iron out, smooth over, straighten out, deal with, put right, set right, put to rights, rectify, remedy
    informal patch up
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