Synonyms of stale in English:



  • 1 stale food
    old, past its best, off, dry, hard, musty, rancid, overstored
    [Antonyms] fresh
  • 2 stale air
    stuffy, close, musty, fusty, stagnant
    [Antonyms] fresh
  • 3 stale beer
    flat, turned, spoiled, off, insipid, tasteless
  • 4 stale jokes
    hackneyed, tired, worn out, overworked, threadbare, warmed-up, banal, trite, clichéd, platitudinous, unoriginal, unimaginative, uninspired, flat;
    out of date, outdated, outmoded, passé, archaic, obsolete;
    informal old hat, corny, unfunny, played out
    [Antonyms] original
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