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Synonyms of steady in English:


  • 1 the ladder must be steady
    stable, firm, fixed, secure, fast, safe, immovable, unshakable, dependable;
    anchored, moored, jammed, rooted, braced
    [Antonyms] unstable, loose
  • 2 keep the camera steady
    motionless, still, unshaking, static, stationary, unmoving
    [Antonyms] shaky
  • 3 a steady gaze
    fixed, intent, unwavering, unfaltering
    [Antonyms] darting
  • 4 a steady young student
    sensible, levelheaded, rational, settled, mature, down-to-earth, full of common sense, reliable, dependable, sound, sober, serious-minded, responsible, serious
    [Antonyms] flighty, immature, impulsive
  • 5 a steady income
    constant, unchanging, regular, consistent, invariable;
    continuous, continual, unceasing, ceaseless, perpetual, unremitting, unwavering, unfaltering, unending, endless, around-the-clock, round-the-clock, all-year-round
    [Antonyms] fluctuating, sporadic
  • 6 a steady boyfriend
    regular, usual, established, settled, firm, devoted, faithful
    [Antonyms] occasional
  • verb

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  • 1 he steadied the rifle
    stabilize, hold steady;
    brace, support;
    balance, poise;
    secure, fix, make fast
  • 2 she needed to steady her nerves
    calm, soothe, quiet, compose, settle;
    subdue, quell, control, get a grip on
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