Synonyms of stir in English:



  • 1 stir the mixture well
    mix, blend, agitate; beat, whip, whisk, fold in
  • 2 Travis stirred in his sleep
    move slightly, change one's position, shift
  • 3 a breeze stirred the leaves
    disturb, rustle, shake, move, flutter, agitate
  • 4 she finally stirred at ten o'clock
    get up, get out of bed, rouse oneself, rise; wake (up), awaken
    informal rise and shine, surface, show signs of life
    formal arise
    literary waken
    [Antonyms] go to bed retire
  • 5 I never stirred from here
    move, budge, make a move, shift, go away; leave
    [Antonyms] stay stay put
  • 6 symbolism can stir the imagination
    arouse, rouse, fire, kindle, inspire, stimulate, excite, awaken, quicken
    literary waken
    [Antonyms] stultify
  • 7 the war stirred him to action
    spur, drive, rouse, prompt, propel, prod, motivate, encourage; urge, impel; provoke, goad, prick, sting, incite, light a fire under
  • noun

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  • 1 the news caused a stir
    commotion, disturbance, fuss, excitement, turmoil, sensation
    informal to-do, hoo-ha, hullabaloo, flap, splash
  • Phrases

    stir up

    his remarks stirred up a furorwhip upwork upfomentfan the flames oftriggerspark offprecipitateexciteprovokeinciteignite

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