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Synonyms of stock in English:


  • 1 the store carries little stock
    merchandise, goods, wares, items/articles for sale, inventory
  • 2 a stock of fuel
  • 3 farm stock
    animals, livestock, beasts;
    flocks, herds
  • 4 (stocks) blue-chip stocks
    shares, securities, equities, bonds
  • 5 her stock is low with most voters
    popularity, favor, regard, estimation, standing, status, reputation, name, prestige
  • 6 his mother was of French stock
    descent, ancestry, origin(s), parentage, pedigree, lineage, line (of descent), heritage, birth, extraction, family, blood, bloodline
  • 7 chicken stock
  • 8 the stock of a weapon
    handle, butt, haft, grip, shaft, shank
  • adjective

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  • 1 a stock size
    standard, regular, normal, established, set;
    common, readily/widely available;
    [Antonyms] nonstandard
  • 2 the stock response
    usual, routine, predictable, set, standard, staple, customary, familiar, conventional, traditional, stereotyped, clichéd, hackneyed, unoriginal, formulaic
    [Antonyms] original, unusual
  • verb

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  • 1 we stock organic food
    sell, carry, keep (in stock), offer, have (for sale), retail, supply
  • 2 the fridge was well stocked with milk
  • Phrases

    in stock
    what brands of dog food do you have in stock?
    for/on sale, (immediately) available, on the shelf
    stock up on/with
    people are stocking up on batteries and water
    amass supplies of, stockpile, hoard, cache, lay in, buy up/in, put away/by, put/set aside, collect, accumulate, save
    informal squirrel away, salt away, stash away
    take stock of
    let's take stock of our current situation
    review, assess, appraise, evaluate
    informal size up
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