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Synonyms of straight in English:


  • 1 a long, straight road
    unswerving, undeviating, linear, as straight as an arrow, uncurving, unbending
    [Antonyms] winding, zigzag
  • 2 that picture isn't straight
    level, even, in line, aligned, square;
    vertical, upright, perpendicular;
    [Antonyms] askew, crooked
  • 3 we must get the place straight
    in order, (neat and) tidy, neat, shipshape, orderly, spick and span, organized, arranged, sorted out, straightened out
    [Antonyms] untidy, messy
  • 4 a straight answer
    [Antonyms] indirect, evasive
  • 5 straight thinking
    logical, rational, clear, lucid, sound, coherent
    [Antonyms] irrational, illogical
  • 6 three straight wins
  • 7 straight brandy
    undiluted, neat, pure, straight up
    [Antonyms] diluted
  • 8 informal she's very straight
    respectable, conventional, conservative, traditional, old-fashioned, strait-laced
    informal stuffy, square, fuddy-duddy
  • adverb

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  • 1 he looked me straight in the eyes
    right, directly, squarely, full
    informal smack, bang, spang, smack dab
  • 2 she drove straight home
    directly, right, by a direct route
  • 3 I'll call you straight back
    right away, straightaway, immediately, directly, at once
    archaic straightway
  • 4 I told her straight
    frankly, directly, candidly, honestly, forthrightly, plainly, point-blank, bluntly, flatly, straight from the shoulder, without beating around/about the bush, without mincing words, unequivocally, unambiguously, in plain English, to someone's face, straight up
  • 5 he can't think straight
    logically, rationally, clearly, lucidly, coherently, cogently
  • Phrases

    go straight
    maybe a few nights in jail will inspire him to go straight
    reform, mend one's ways, turn over a new leaf, get back on the straight and narrow
    straight from the shoulder
    I have to tell you the truth straight from the shoulder See sense 4 of the adverb
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