Synonyms of strength in English:



  • 1 enormous physical strength
    [Antonyms] weakness frailty
  • 2 Oliver began to regain his strength
    health, fitness, vigor, stamina
    [Antonyms] infirmity
  • 3 her great inner strength
    fortitude, resilience, spirit, backbone, strength of character; courage, bravery, pluck, pluckiness, courageousness, grit, mettle
    informal guts, spunk
    [Antonyms] vulnerability
  • 4 the strength of the retaining wall
    [Antonyms] weakness
  • 5 the nation's military strength
    power, influence, dominance, ascendancy, supremacy
    informal clout
    literary puissance
    [Antonyms] weakness impotence
  • 6 the strength of feeling against the president
    intensity, vehemence, force, forcefulness, depth, ardor, fervor
    [Antonyms] half-heartedness
  • 7 the strength of their argument
    [Antonyms] weakness ineffectiveness
  • 8 what are your strengths?
    strong point, advantage, asset, forte, aptitude, talent, skill; specialty
    [Antonyms] failing flaw limitation
  • 9 the strength of the army
    size, extent, magnitude
    [Antonyms] weakness
  • Phrases

    on the strength of

    she got into Princeton on the strength of her essaysbecause ofby virtue ofon the basis of

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