Synonyms of stupid in English:



  • 1 they're rather stupid
    [Antonyms] intelligent
  • 2 that was a really stupid thing to do
    foolish, silly, unintelligent, idiotic, scatterbrained, nonsensical, senseless, harebrained, unthinking, ill-advised, ill-considered, unwise, injudicious; inane, absurd, ludicrous, ridiculous, laughable, risible, fatuous, asinine, mad, insane, lunatic
    informal crazy, dopey, cracked, half-baked, dimwitted, cockeyed, lamebrained, nutty, batty, cuckoo, loony, loopy
    [Antonyms] sensible
  • 3 he drank himself stupid
    into a stupor, into a daze, into oblivion; stupefied, dazed, unconscious
    [Antonyms] alert
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