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Synonyms of support in English:


  • 1 a roof supported by pillars
    hold up, bear, carry, prop up, keep up, brace, shore up, underpin, buttress, reinforce, undergird
  • 2 he struggled to support his family
    provide for, maintain, sustain, keep, take care of, look after
  • 3 she supported him to the end
    comfort, encourage, sustain, buoy up, hearten, fortify, console, solace, reassure
    informal buck up
    [Antonyms] neglect, abandon
  • 4 evidence to support the argument
    substantiate, back up, bear out, corroborate, confirm, attest to, verify, prove, validate, authenticate, endorse, ratify, undergird
    [Antonyms] contradict, undermine
  • 5 the money supports charitable projects
    help, aid, assist;
    informal bankroll
  • 6 an independent candidate supported by locals
    back, champion, help, assist, aid, abet, favor, encourage;
    vote for, stand behind, defend;
    sponsor, second, promote, endorse, sanction
    [Antonyms] oppose
  • 7 they support human rights
    advocate, promote, champion, back, espouse, be in favor of, recommend, defend, subscribe to
  • noun

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  • 1 bridge supports
    pillar, post, prop, upright, crutch, plinth, brace, buttress;
    base, substructure, foundation, underpinning
  • 2 she pays support for her ex-husband
    maintenance, keep, sustenance, subsistence;
  • 3 I was lucky to have their support
    encouragement, friendship, strength, consolation, solace, succor, relief
  • 4 he was a great support
    comfort, help, assistance, tower of strength, prop, mainstay
  • 5 support for community services
    contributions, backing, donations, money, subsidy, funding, funds, finance, capital
  • 6 they voiced their support for him
    backing, help, assistance, aid, endorsement, approval;
    votes, patronage
  • 7 a surge in support for decentralization
    advocacy, backing, promotion, championship, espousal, defense, recommendation
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