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Synonyms of sure in English:


  • 1 I am sure that they didn't know
    certain, positive, convinced, confident, definite, assured, satisfied, persuaded;
    unhesitating, unwavering, unshakable
    [Antonyms] uncertain, doubtful
  • 2 someone was sure to be blamed
    bound, likely, destined, fated
    [Antonyms] unlikely
  • 3 a sure winner with the children
    guaranteed, unfailing, infallible, unerring, assured, certain, inevitable
    informal sure-fire
    [Antonyms] uncertain, unlikely
  • 4 he entered in the sure knowledge that he would win
  • 5 a sure sign that he's worried
    reliable, dependable, trustworthy, unfailing, infallible, certain, unambiguous, true, foolproof, established, effective
    informal sure-fire
    formal efficacious
  • 6 the sure hand of the soloist
    firm, steady, stable, secure, confident, steadfast, unfaltering, unwavering
  • exclamation

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  • 1 “Can I come too?” “Sure.”
    yes, all right, of course, indeed, certainly, absolutely, agreed
    informal OK, yeah, yep, uh-huh, you bet, I'll say, sure thing
  • Phrases

    be sure to
    be sure to feed the cat
    remember to, don't forget to, see that you, mind that you, take care to, be certain to
    for sure
    informal I'll be there for sure
    make sure
    make sure that all the doors are locked
    check, confirm, make certain, ensure, assure;
    verify, corroborate, substantiate
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