Synonyms of sweet in English:



  • 1 sweet cinnamon buns
    sugary, sweetened, saccharine; sugared, honeyed, candied, glacé; sickly, cloying
    [Antonyms] sour savory
  • 2 the sweet scent of roses
    fragrant, aromatic, perfumed
    literary ambrosial
  • 3 her sweet voice
    [Antonyms] harsh discordant
  • 4 life was still sweet
    pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable, agreeable, delightful, nice, satisfying, gratifying, good, acceptable, fine
    informal lovely, great
    [Antonyms] harsh disagreeable
  • 5 the sweet April air
    pure, wholesome, fresh, clean, clear
    [Antonyms] harsh rotten
  • 6 she has a sweet nature
    likable, appealing, engaging, amiable, pleasant, agreeable, genial, friendly, nice, kind, thoughtful, considerate; charming, enchanting, captivating, delightful, lovely
    [Antonyms] nasty
  • 7 she looks quite sweet
    cute, lovable, adorable, endearing, charming, attractive, dear
  • 8 my sweet Lydia
    dear, dearest, darling, beloved, loved, cherished, precious, treasured
  • noun

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  • 1 (sweets) trying to cut back on sweets
  • 2 happy birthday, my sweet!
    dear, darling, dearest, love, sweetheart, beloved, honey, hon, pet, treasure, angel
  • Phrases

    sweet on

    informal it's obvious that Sam is sweet on Joaniefond oftaken withattracted toin love withenamored ofcaptivated byinfatuated withkeen ondevoted tosmitten withmoonstruck by informalmad aboutbowled over by

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