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Synonyms of tail in English:


  • 1 the dog's tail
    brush, scut, dock;
    tail feathers;
    [Antonyms] head, front
  • 2 the tail of the plane
    rear, end, back, extremity;
    [Antonyms] head, front
  • 3 the tail of the hunting season
    close, end, conclusion, tail end
    [Antonyms] beginning, start
  • 4 informal put a tail on that suspect
    detective, investigator, shadow
    informal sleuth, private eye, gumshoe
  • verb

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  • 1 informal the paparazzi tailed them
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    caudal relating to an animal's tail


    on someone's tail
    a police car stayed on his tail
    close behind, following closely, (hard) on someone's heels
    tail off/away
    her voice tailed off
    fade, wane, ebb, dwindle, decrease, lessen, diminish, decline, subside, abate, drop off, peter out, taper off;
    let up, ease off, die away, die down, come to an end
    turn tail
    I was so shocked, I just turned tail
    run away, flee, bolt, make off, take to one's heels, cut and run, beat a (hasty) retreat
    informal scram, skedaddle, vamoose
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