Synonyms of take in English:



  • 2 he took an envelope from his pocket
    remove, pull, draw, withdraw, extract, fish
    he took an envelope from his pocket
    [Antonyms] give
  • 3 a passage taken from my book
    extract, quote, cite, excerpt, derive, abstract, copy, cull
  • 5 many prisoners were taken
    capture, seize, catch, arrest, apprehend, take into custody; carry off, abduct
    many prisoners were taken
    [Antonyms] liberate free
  • 7 take four from the total
    subtract, deduct, remove; discount
    informal knock off, minus
    take four from the total
    [Antonyms] add
  • 8 all the seats had been taken
    occupy, use, utilize, fill, hold; reserve, engage
    informal bag
  • 9 I have taken a room nearby
    rent, lease, hire, charter; reserve, book, engage
  • 10 I took the job
    accept, undertake, take on
    I took the job
    [Antonyms] refuse turn down
  • 11 I'd take this over the other option
    pick, choose, select; prefer, favor, opt for, vote for
    I'd take this over the other option
    [Antonyms] refuse turn down
  • 14 he took notes
    write, note (down), jot (down), scribble, scrawl, record, register, document, minute
  • 17 he took the train
    travel on/by, journey on, go via; use
  • 21 he took great pleasure in painting
    derive, draw, acquire, obtain, get, gain, extract, procure; experience, undergo, feel
  • 22 Liz took the news badly
    receive, respond to, react to, meet, greet; deal with, cope with
  • 23 do you take me for a fool?
    regard as, consider to be, view as, see as, believe to be, reckon to be, imagine to be, deem to be
  • 29 I took drama, French, and art history
    study, learn, have lessons in; take up, pursue
    informal do
  • 32 I take size six shoes
    wear, use; require, need
  • 33 the dye did not take
    be effective, take effect, hold, root, be productive, be effectual, be useful; work, operate, succeed, function
    formal be efficacious


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  • 1 the whalers' commercial take
    catch, haul, bag, yield, net
  • 3 a clapperboard for the start of each take
    scene, sequence, film clip, clip
  • 4 a fresh take on gender issues
    view of, reading of, version of, interpretation of, understanding of, account of, analysis of, approach to


take after

Sandy takes after his adventurous Uncle Lenny resemblelook likeremind one ofmake one think ofrecallconjure upsuggestevoke informalfavorbe a chip off the old block

take apart

  • 2.1 informal the scene was taken apart by the director See criticize

take someone back

  • 1.1 the dream took me back to Vienna
    evoke, remind one of, conjure up, summon up; echo, suggest

take something back

  • 2.1 I must take the keys back
    return, bring back, give back, restore

take something down

I took down everything she said write downnote downjot downset downrecordcommit to paperregisterdraftdocumentminutepen

take someone in

take something in

take someone in hand

part of your job is to take young Master Jonathon in hand controlbe in charge ofdominatemasterreformimprovecorrectchangerehabilitate

take something in hand

are you willing to take this project in hand? deal withapply oneself tocome to grips withset one's hand tograpple withtake onattend tosee tosort outtake care ofhandlemanage

take it out of someone

the final lap has taken it out of Johnson exhaustdrainenervatetirefatiguewear outwearydebilitate informalpoop out

take off

  • 3.1 the idea really took off
    succeed, do well, become popular, catch on, prosper, flourish, thrive, boom

take someone on

  • 1.1 there was no challenger to take him on
    compete against, oppose, challenge, confront, face, fight, vie with, contend with, stand up to

take something on

  • 2.1 the study took on political meaning
    acquire, assume, come to have

take one's time

if the place were on fire, Mark would still take his time go slowlydallydawdledelaylingerdrag one's feetwaste timekill time informaldilly-dallylollygag archaictarry

take someone out

  • 1.1 he asked if he could take her out
    go out with, escort, partner, accompany, go with; romance
    informal date, see, go steady with
    dated court, woo

take something over

the workers were stunned to learn that a rival corporation had taken over their company assume control oftake charge oftake command of

take to

  • 1.1 he took to carrying his money in his sock
    make a habit of, resort to, turn to, have recourse to (start/begin); start, begin, commence
  • 2.1 Ruth took to the cat instantly
    like, get on with, be friendly toward
    informal take a shine to
  • 3.1 the dog has really taken to racing
    become good at, develop an ability for; like, enjoy

take something up

  • 1.1 she took up abstract painting
    engage in, practice; begin, start, commence
  • 2.1 the meetings took up all her time
    consume, fill, absorb, use, occupy; waste, squander
  • 4.1 he took up their offer of a job
    accept, say yes to, agree to, adopt
    formal accede to
  • 5.1 take the skirt up an inch
    shorten, turn up; raise, lift

take up with

Burt has taken up with the kids in the ski club become friends with(begin to) go around withfall in withstring along withget involved withstart seeing informal(begin to) hang out with

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