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Synonyms of temper in English:


  • 1 he walked out in a temper
    fit of rage, rage, fury, fit of pique, tantrum, bad mood, mood, sulk, huff
    informal grump, snit, hissy fit
  • 2 a display of temper
  • 3 she struggled to keep her temper
    composure, equanimity, self-control, self-possession, sangfroid, calm, good humor
    informal cool
  • verb

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  • 1 the steel is tempered by heat
    harden, strengthen, toughen, fortify, anneal
  • 2 their idealism is tempered with realism
    moderate, modify, modulate, mitigate, alleviate, reduce, weaken, lighten, soften
  • Choose the right word


    lose one's temper
    calm down, there's no need to lose your temper
    get angry, fly into a rage, erupt, lose control, go berserk, breathe fire, flare up, boil over
    informal go mad, go crazy, go bananas, have a fit, see red, fly off the handle, blow one's top, hit the roof, go off the deep end, go ape, flip, freak out
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