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Synonyms of term in English:


  • 1 scientific and technical terms
    word, expression, phrase, turn of phrase, idiom, locution;
    formal appellation, denomination, descriptor
  • 2 (terms) a protest in the strongest terms
    language, mode of expression, manner of speaking, phraseology, terminology;
  • 3 (terms) the terms of the contract
    conditions, stipulations, specifications, provisions, provisos, qualifications, particulars, small print, details, points
  • 4 (terms) a policy offering more favorable terms
    rates, prices, charges, costs, fees;
  • 5 the director is elected for a two-year term
    period, period of time, time, length of time, spell, stint, duration;
    stretch, run;
    period of office, incumbency
  • 6 archaic the whole term of your natural life
  • 7 the summer term
    session, semester, trimester, quarter;
  • verb

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  • 1 he has been termed the father of modern theology
    call, name, entitle, title, style, designate, describe as, dub, label, brand, tag, bill, nickname
    formal denominate
  • Phrases

    come to terms
  • 1.1 the two sides came to terms
    reach an agreement/understanding, make a deal, reach a compromise, meet each other halfway
  • 2.1 she eventually came to terms with her situation
    accept, come to accept, reconcile oneself to, learn to live with, become resigned to, make the best of;
    face up to
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