Synonyms of thick in English:



  • 1 the walls are five feet thick
    in extent/diameter, across, wide, broad, deep
  • 2 his short, thick legs
    stocky, sturdy, stubby, chunky, blocky, hefty, heavily built, thickset, burly, beefy, meaty, big, solid; fat, stout, plump
    [Antonyms] thin slender
  • 3 a thick winter sweater
    chunky, bulky, heavy; cable-knit, woolly
    [Antonyms] thin lightweight
  • 4 the arena was thick with skaters
    crowded, swarming, filled, packed, teeming, seething, buzzing, crawling, crammed, solid, overflowing, choked, jammed, congested
    informal jam-packed, chockablock, stuffed
  • 5 the thick summer vegetation
    plentiful, abundant, profuse, luxuriant, bushy, rich, riotous, exuberant; rank, rampant; dense, impenetrable, impassable
    informal jungly
    [Antonyms] meager sparse
  • 6 a thick paste
    viscous, gooey, syrupy, firm, stiff, heavy; clotted, coagulated, viscid, semisolid, gelatinous; concentrated
    [Antonyms] runny thin
  • 7 thick fog
    dense, heavy, opaque, impenetrable, soupy, murky
    [Antonyms] light
  • 8 informal he's a bit thick See stupid (sense 1)
  • 9 Guy's voice was thick with desire
    [Antonyms] clear shrill
  • 10 a thick Scottish accent
    obvious, pronounced, marked, broad, strong, rich, decided, distinct
    [Antonyms] faint vague
  • noun

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  • 1 in the thick of the crisis
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