Synonyms of thing in English:



  • 1 the room was full of strange things
    object, article, item, artifact, commodity; device, gadget, instrument, utensil, tool, implement; entity, bodyBritishthingummy, thingy, thingamabob, thingamajig, doohickey, doodad, dingus
  • 2 (things) I'll come back tomorrow to collect my things
    belongings, possessions, stuff, property, worldly goods, effects, personal effects, trappings, paraphernalia, bits and pieces, luggage, baggage, bags
    informal gear, junk
    Lawgoods and chattels
  • 3 (things) his gardening things
  • 4 I've got several things to do today
    activity, act, action, deed, undertaking, exploit, feat; task, job, chore
  • 5 I've got other things on my mind just now
    thought, notion, idea; concern, matter, worry, preoccupation
  • 6 I keep remembering things he said
    remark, statement, comment, utterance, observation, declaration, pronouncement
  • 7 quite a few odd things happened
  • 8 (things) how are things with you?
    matters, affairs, circumstances, conditions, relations; state of affairs, situation, life
  • 9 one of the things I like about you is your optimism
  • 10 there's another thing you should know
    fact, piece of information, point, detail, particular, factor
  • 11 the thing is, I'm not sure if it's what I want
    fact of the matter, fact, point, issue, problem
  • 12 you lucky thing!
    person, soul, creature, wretch
    informal devil, bastard
  • 13 Twylla developed a thing about noise
    phobia of/about, fear of, dislike of, aversion to, problem with; obsession with, fixation about
    informal hang-up
  • 14 she had a thing about men who wore glasses
    penchant for, preference for, taste for, inclination for, partiality for, predilection for, soft spot for, weakness for, fondness for, fancy for, liking for, love for; fetish for, obsession with, fixation on/with
  • 15 books aren't really my thing
    what one likes, what interests one
    informal one's cup of tea, one's bag, what turns one on
  • 16 it's the latest thing
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