Synonyms of throw in English:



  • 2 he threw another punch
    deliver, give, land
  • 3 she threw a withering glance at him
    direct, cast, send, dart, shoot
  • 4 the horse threw its rider
    unseat, dislodge
  • 6 he threw a farewell party for them
    give, host, hold, have, provide, put on, lay out, arrange, organize
  • 7 books were thrown all over her desk
    strew, cast, scatter, disperse
  • 8 he threw his keys on the table
    toss, deposit, throw down, put down, dump, drop, plunk, plonk, plump


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  • 1 we were allowed two throws each
    lob, pitch; go, turn; bowl, ball
  • 2 the loveseat was decorated with a red throw
    blanket, afghan, covering, fabric; shawl


throw something away

  • 2.1 the Tigers threw away a 3–0 lead
    squander, waste, fritter away, fail to exploit, lose, let slip
    informal blow

throw someone out

the duke and his family were thrown out expelejectevictdrive outforce outoustremoveget rid ofdeposetoppleunseatoverthrowbring downoverturndislodgedisplacesupplantshow someone the doorbanishdeportexile informalboot outkick outgive someone the boot

throw something out

  • 2.1 his case was thrown out
    reject, dismiss, turn down, refuse, disallow, veto
    informal give the thumbs down to

throw up

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