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Synonyms of throw in English:


  • 1 she threw the ball back
    informalchuck, heave, sling, peg, let fly with
  • 2 he threw another punch
    deliver, give, land
  • 3 she threw a withering glance at him
    direct, cast, send, dart, shoot
  • 4 the horse threw its rider
    unseat, dislodge
  • 5 her question threw me
    disconcert, unnerve, fluster, ruffle, agitate, discomfit, put off, throw off balance, discountenance, unsettle, confuse
    informalrattle, faze, flummox, baffle, befuddle, discombobulate
  • 6 he threw a farewell party for them
    give, host, hold, have, provide, put on, lay out, arrange, organize
  • 7 books were thrown all over her desk
    strew, cast, scatter, disperse
  • 8 he threw his keys on the table
    toss, deposit, throw down, put down, dump, drop, plunk, plonk, plump
  • noun

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  • 1 we were allowed two throws each
    lob, pitch;
    go, turn;
    bowl, ball
  • 2 the loveseat was decorated with a red throw
    blanket, afghan, covering, fabric;
  • Phrases

    throw something away

  • 1.1 she hated throwing old clothes away
    informalchuck (away/out), deep-six, ditch
  • 2.1 the Tigers threw away a 3–0 lead
    squander, waste, fritter away, fail to exploit, lose, let slip
  • throw someone out

    the duke and his family were thrown out
    expel, eject, evict, drive out, force out, oust, remove;
    banish, deport, exile
    informalboot out, kick out, give someone the boot

    throw something out

  • 1.1 throw out this moldy food
    informalchuck (away/out), deep-six, ditch
  • 2.1 his case was thrown out
    reject, dismiss, turn down, refuse, disallow, veto
    informalgive the thumbs down to
  • throw up


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