Synonyms of till in English:



  • 1 she counted the money in the till
    cash register, cash drawer(s), cashbox, strongbox;
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    Synonyms of till in English:



  • 1 he went back to tilling the land
    cultivate, work, farm, plow, dig, hoe, turn over, prepare
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    Synonyms of till in English:


    preposition & conjunction

  • 1 he'll be in London till July
    until, to, up to, through (to), up until, as late as
  • 2 we didn't know about this till yesterday
    before, prior to, previous to, up to, up until, earlier than
  • Usage

    till, until

    In most contexts, till and until have the same meaning and are interchangeable. The main difference is that till is generally considered to be more informal than until. Until occurs much more frequently than till in writing. In addition, until tends to be the natural choice at the beginning of a sentence: until very recently, there was still a chance of rescuing the situation. Interestingly, while it is commonly assumed that till is an abbreviated form of until (the spellings 'till and 'til reflect this), till is in fact the earlier form. Until appears to have been formed by the addition of Old Norse und (‘as far as’) several hundred years after the date of the first records for till

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