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  • 2 the beautiful Estella is Miss Havisham's tool
    minion, lackey, instrument, organ
    informal stooge
  • verb

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  • 1 tool leather into a saddle
    work, fashion, shape, cut;
    ornament, embellish, decorate, chase
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    tool, apparatus, appliance, implement, instrument, utensil
    A wrench is a tool, meaning that it is a device held in and manipulated by the hand and used by a mechanic, plumber, carpenter, or other laborer to work, shape, move, or transform material ( he couldn't fix the drawer without the right tools). An implement is a broader term referring to any tool or mechanical device used for a particular purpose ( agricultural implements). A washing machine is an appliance, which refers to a mechanical or power-driven device, especially for household use ( the newly married couple went shopping for appliances). A utensil is a handheld implement for domestic use ( eating utensils), while an instrument is used for scientific or artistic purposes ( musical instrument; surgical instrument). Apparatus refers to a collection of distinct instruments, tools, or other devices that are used in connection or combination with one another for a certain purpose ( the gym was open, but the exercise apparatus had not been set up).

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