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Synonyms of trade in English:


  • 1 the illicit trade in stolen cattle
    commerce, buying and selling, dealing, traffic, trafficking, business, marketing, merchandising;
    dealings, transactions, deal-making
  • 2 we shook hands as we made the trade
    exchange, transaction, swap, trade-off
    archaic truck
  • 3 the glazier's trade
    work, employment, livelihood
  • verb

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  • 1 he made his fortune trading in beaver pelts
    deal (in), buy and sell, traffic (in), market, merchandise, peddle, vend
    informal hawk, run
  • 2 the business is trading at a loss
    operate, run, do business
  • 3 I traded the old machine for a newer model
    barter, trade in
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    mercantile relating to trade or commerce


    trade on
    he trades on his friendship with powerful people
    informal cash in on
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