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Synonyms of trash in English:


  • 1 the subway entrance was blocked with trash
  • 2 if they read at all, they read trash
    junk, dross, dreck, drivel, nonsense, trivia, pulp, pulp fiction, pap, garbage, rubbish
    informal schlock
    vulgar slang crap
  • 3 informal that family is trash
    scum, vermin, dregs of society, lowest of the low
    informal scum of the earth, dirt, riffraff
  • verb

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  • 1 the apartment had been totally trashed
    wreck, ruin, destroy, wreak havoc on, devastate;
    vandalize, tear up, bust up, smash
    informal total
  • 2 his play was trashed by the critics
    criticize, lambaste, censure, attack, insult, abuse, malign, give a bad press to, condemn, flay, savage, pan, knock, take to pieces, take/pull apart, crucify, hammer, slam, bash, trash talk, roast, maul, rubbish, pummel
    informal bad-mouth, bitch about
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