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Synonyms of turn in English:


  • 1 the wheels were still turning
  • 2 I turned and headed back
    change direction, change course, make a U-turn, about-face, turn around/about
    informal pull a U-ey, do a one-eighty
  • 3 the car turned the corner
    go around, round, negotiate, take
  • 4 the path turned to right and left
  • 5 he turned his gun on Lenny
    aim at, point at, level at, direct at, train on
  • 6 he turned his ankle
  • 7 their honeymoon turned into a nightmare
    become, develop into, turn out to be;
    be transformed into, metamorphose into, descend into, grow into
  • 8 Emma turned red
  • 9 he turned the house into apartments
    convert, change, transform, make;
    adapt, modify, rebuild, reconstruct
  • 10 I've just turned forty
    reach, get to, become, hit
  • 11 she turned to politics
    take up, become involved in, go into, enter, undertake
  • 12 we can now turn to another topic
    move on to, go on to, proceed to, consider, attend to, address;
    take up, switch to
  • noun

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  • 1 a turn of the wheel
  • 2 a turn to the left
    change of direction, veer, divergence
  • 3 we're approaching the turn
    bend, corner, turning, turnoff, junction, crossroads
  • 4 you'll get your turn in a minute
    stint, time;
    informal go, shot, stab, crack
  • 5 she did me some good turns
    service, deed, act;
    favor, kindness
  • Phrases

    at every turn
    her name seemed to come up at every turn
    repeatedly, recurrently, all the time, always, constantly, again and again
    in turn
    let's consider these three points in turn
    one after the other, one by one, one at a time, in succession, successively, sequentially
    take a turn for the better
    his luck took a turn for the better
    recover, revive
    take a turn for the worse
    even the doctors were surprised when Richie took a turn for the worse
    informal go downhill
    turn against
    after his father died, Bruce turned against his stepmother
    become hostile to, take a dislike to, betray, double-cross
    turn away
    I know you're hurt, but please don't turn us away
    send away, reject, rebuff, repel, cold-shoulder
    informal send packing
    turn back
    just before boarding the ferry, Clint changed his mind and turned back
    retrace one's steps, go back, return;
    turn down
  • 1.1 his novel was turned down
  • 2.1 Pete turned the volume down
    reduce, lower, decrease, lessen;
    muffle, mute
  • turn in
  • 1.1 he turned in his brother to the police
    betray, inform on, denounce, sell out, stab someone in the back;
    blow the whistle on, rat on, squeal on, finger
  • 2.1 we turned in the entrance forms just in time
    hand in/over/back, give in, submit, surrender, give up;
    deliver, return
  • 3.1 I usually turn in before 10 o'clock
    go to bed, retire, go to sleep, call it a day
    informal hit the hay, hit the sack
  • turn of events
    she was unprepared for this turn of events
    development, incident, occurrence, happening, circumstance, surprise
    turn of phrase
    a clever turn of phrase
    expression, idiom, phrase, term, word, aphorism
    turn off
  • 1.1 his so-called jokes really turn me off
    put off, leave cold, repel, disgust, revolt, offend;
    disenchant, alienate;
    bore, gross out
  • 2.1 please turn off the garage lights
    switch off, shut off, turn out;
    informal kill, cut, power down
  • turn on
  • 1.1 the decision turned on the law
    depend on, rest on, hinge on, be contingent on, be decided by
  • 2.1 okay, I admit it—his green eyes turn me on See arouse (sense 3)
  • 3.1 I'll turn on the generator
    switch on, start up, activate, trip, power up
  • 4.1 it began as a simple disagreement, but then he turned on us like a mad dog
    attack, set on, fall on, let fly at, lash out at, hit out at
    informal lay into, tear into, let someone have it, bite someone's head off, jump down someone's throat
  • turn on to
    Christie has turned me on to the health benefits of yoga
    introduce someone to, get someone into, pique someone's interest in
    turn out
  • 1.1 a huge crowd turned out
    come, be present, attend, appear, turn up, arrive;
    assemble, gather, show up
  • 2.1 it turned out that she had been abroad
    transpire, emerge, come to light, become apparent, become clear
  • 3.1 things didn't turn out as I'd intended
    happen, occur, come about;
    develop, proceed;
    work out, come out, end up, pan out, result
    formal eventuate
  • 4.1 it's about time she turned out that bum of a boyfriend
    throw out, eject, evict, expel, oust, drum out, banish
    informal kick out, send packing, boot out, show someone the door
  • 5.1 turn out the light
    switch off, shut off, turn off
  • 6.1 they turn out a million engines a year
    produce, make, manufacture, fabricate, generate, put out, churn out
  • turn over
  • 1.1 the crate fell off the back of the truck and turned over
    overturn, upturn, capsize, keel over, flip, turn turtle, be upended, tip
  • 2.1 I turned over a few pages
    flip over, flick through, leaf through
  • 3.1 she turned the proposal over in her mind
    think about, think over, consider, ponder, contemplate, reflect on, chew over, mull over, muse on, ruminate on
  • 4.1 he turned over the business to his brother
    transfer, hand over, pass on, consign, commit
  • turn someone's stomach
    the sight of blood turns my stomach
    nauseate someone, sicken someone, make someone sick
    turn to
    I always had my grandparents to turn to
    seek help from, have recourse to, approach, apply to, appeal to;
    take to, resort to
    turn up
  • 1.1 the missing documents turned up
    be found, be discovered, be located, reappear
  • 2.1 the police turned up
  • 3.1 something better will turn up
    present itself, offer itself, occur, happen, crop up, appear
  • 4.1 she turned up the treble
    increase, raise, amplify, intensify
  • 5.1 they turned up lots of information
    discover, uncover, unearth, find, dig up, ferret out, root out, expose
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