Synonyms of understanding in English:



  • 1 test your understanding of the language
    comprehension, apprehension, grasp, mastery, appreciation, assimilation, absorption;
    knowledge, awareness, insight, skill, expertise, proficiency
    informal know-how
    formal cognizance
    [Antonyms] ignorance
  • 2 it was my understanding that this was free
    belief, perception, view, conviction, feeling, opinion, intuition, impression, assumption, supposition, inference, interpretation
  • 3 she treated me with understanding
    compassion, sympathy, pity, feeling, concern, consideration, kindness, sensitivity, decency, humanity, charity, goodwill, mercy, tolerance
    [Antonyms] indifference
  • 4 we had a tacit understanding
    agreement, arrangement, deal, bargain, settlement, pledge, pact, compact, contract, covenant, bond, meeting of minds
  • adjective

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  • 1 an understanding friend
    approachable, supportive, perceptive
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