Synonyms of unnatural in English:



  • 1 the life of a circus bear is completely unnatural
    abnormal, unusual, uncommon, extraordinary, strange, odd, peculiar, unorthodox, exceptional, irregular, atypical, untypical;
    [Antonyms] normal
  • 2 a flash of unnatural color
    artificial, man-made, synthetic, manufactured, inorganic, genetically engineered
    [Antonyms] genuine
  • 3 unnatural vice
    perverted, warped, aberrant, twisted, deviant, depraved, degenerate
    informal kinky, sick
  • 4 her voice sounded unnatural
    affected, artificial, mannered, stilted, forced, labored, strained, false, fake, theatrical, insincere, ersatz
    informal put on, phony
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