Synonyms of voice in English:



  • 1 she lost her voice
    power of speech
  • 2 he gave voice to his anger
    expression, utterance, verbalization, vocalization
  • 3 we speak with one voice
    opinion, view, feeling, wish, desire, will;
    (voice of the people)vox populi
    informal vox pop
  • 4 citizens must have a voice in this
    say, influence, vote, input, role, representation, seat at the table
  • 5 a powerful voice for conservation
    spokesperson, speaker, champion, representative, mouthpiece, intermediary;
    forum, vehicle, instrument, channel, organ, agent
  • verb

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  • 1 they voiced their opposition
    express, vocalize, communicate, articulate, declare, state, assert, reveal, proclaim, announce, publish, publicize, make public, make known, table, air, vent;
    informal come out with
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    vocal relating to the voice

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