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Synonyms of wash in English:


  • 1 he is washing in the guest bathroom
    clean oneself;
    bathe, take a bath, shower, soak, freshen up
    formal perform one's ablutions
  • 2 he washed her socks
    clean, cleanse, rinse, launder, scour;
    shampoo, lather, sponge, scrub, wipe;
    sluice, douse, swab, disinfect
    literary lave
    [Antonyms] soil
  • 3 waves washed against the hull
    splash, lap, splosh, dash, crash, break, beat, surge, ripple, roll
  • 4 the wreckage was washed downriver
    sweep, carry, convey, transport
  • 5 it washed up on my front lawn
    land, come to rest, be deposited, be beached
  • 6 guilt washed over her
    surge through, rush through, course through, flood over, flow over;
    affect, overcome
  • 7 informal this story just won't wash
    be accepted, be acceptable, be plausible, be convincing, hold up, hold water, stand up, bear scrutiny;
  • noun

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  • 1 she needs a wash
    clean, shower, dip, bath, soak
    formal ablutions
  • 2 that shirt should go in the wash
    laundry, washing
  • 3 antiseptic skin wash
    lotion, salve, preparation, rinse, liquid;
  • 4 the wash of the boat
    backwash, wake, trail, path
  • 5 the wash of the waves on the beach
    surge, flow, swell, sweep, rise and fall, roll, splash
  • 6 a light watercolor wash
    paint, stain, film, coat, coating;
    tint, glaze
  • Phrases

    wash one's hands of
    I'm going to wash my hands of the whole business
    formal abjure
    wash up
    you kids can wash up after dinner
    wash the dishes, do the dishes, clean up
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