Synonyms of watery in English:



  • 1 a watery discharge
    liquid, fluid, aqueous
    technical hydrous
    [Antonyms] solid thick
  • 2 a watery meadow
    wet, damp, moist, sodden, soggy, squelchy, slushy, soft; saturated, waterlogged; boggy, marshy, swampy, miry, muddy
    [Antonyms] dry
  • 3 watery soup
    [Antonyms] thick hearty
  • 4 the light was watery and gray
    pale, wan, faint, weak, feeble
    informal wishy-washy, washy
    [Antonyms] bright
  • 5 watery eyes
    tearful, teary, weepy, moist, rheumy
    formal lachrymose
    [Antonyms] dry
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