Synonyms of wave in English:



  • 2 the grass waved in the breeze
    ripple, flutter, undulate, stir, flap, sway, billow, shake, quiver, move


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  • 2 he surfs the Malibu waves
    breaker, roller, comber, boomer, ripple, white horse, bore, big kahuna; (waves) swell, surf, froth; backwash
  • 5 his hair grew in thick waves
    curl, kink, corkscrew, twist, ringlet, coil
  • 6 electromagnetic waves
    ripple, vibration, oscillation


make waves

informal just be quiet and don't make waves cause troublebe disruptivebe troublesomemake an impressionget noticed

wave aside

he waved aside her protest dismissrejectbrush asideshrug offdisregardignorediscountplay down informalpooh-pooh

wave down

she had no luck waving down a cab flag downhailstopsummoncallaccost

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