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Synonyms of way in English:


  • 1 a way of reducing the damage
  • 2 she kissed him in her brisk way
  • 3 I've changed my ways
    practice, wont, habit, custom, policy, procedure, convention, routine, modus vivendi;
    trait, attribute, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy;
    conduct, behavior, manner, style, nature, personality, temperament, disposition, character
  • 4 which way leads home?
  • 5 I'll go out the back way
    door, gate, exit, entrance, entry;
  • 6 a short way downstream
    distance, length, stretch, journey;
    space, interval, span
  • 7 April is a long way away
    time, stretch, term, span, duration
  • 8 a car coming the other way
    direction, bearing, course, orientation, line, tack
  • 9 in some ways, he may be better off
    respect, regard, aspect, facet, sense, angle;
  • 10 the country is in a bad way
    state, condition, situation, circumstances, position;
    predicament, plight
    informal shape
  • Phrases

    by the way
    by the way, Roy is back in town
    give way
  • 1.1 the government gave way and passed the bill
    acquiesce, agree, assent
    informal throw in the towel/sponge, cave in
  • 2.1 the door gave way
    collapse, give, cave in, fall in, come apart, crumple, buckle
  • 3.1 grief gave way to guilt
    be replaced by, be succeeded by, be followed by, be supplanted by
  • on the way
    help is on the way
    coming, imminent, forthcoming, approaching, impending, close, near, on us;
    proceeding, en route, in transit
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