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Synonyms of weigh in English:


  • 1 she weighs the fruit
    measure the weight of, put on the scales;
  • 2 he weighed 170 lbs
    have a weight of, tip the scales at, weigh in at
  • 3 the situation weighed heavily on him
    oppress, lie heavy on, burden, hang over, gnaw at, prey on (one's mind);
    trouble, worry, bother, disturb, get down, depress, haunt, nag, torment, plague
  • 4 he has to weigh his options
    consider, contemplate, think about, mull over, chew over, reflect on, ruminate about, muse on;
    assess, appraise, analyze, investigate, inquire into, look into, examine, review, explore, take stock of
  • 5 they need to weigh benefit against risk
    balance, evaluate, compare, juxtapose, contrast, measure
  • Phrases

    weigh down
    my fishing gear weighed me down
    burden, saddle, overload, overburden, encumber, hamper, handicap
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