Synonyms of well in English:



  • 1 he behaves well
    [Antonyms] badly
  • 2 they get along well
    [Antonyms] badly
  • 3 he plays the piano well
    [Antonyms] poorly
  • 4 I know her well
    intimately, thoroughly, deeply, profoundly, personally
    [Antonyms] barely
  • 5 they studied the recipe well
    [Antonyms] negligently
  • 6 they speak well of him
    [Antonyms] disparagingly
  • 7 she makes enough money to live well
    comfortably, in (the lap of) luxury, prosperously
  • 8 you may well be right
    quite possibly, conceivably, probably; undoubtedly, certainly, unquestionably
  • 9 he is well over forty
    considerably, very much, a great deal, substantially, easily, comfortably, significantly
    [Antonyms] barely
  • 10 she could well afford it
    easily, comfortably, readily, effortlessly
    [Antonyms] barely
  • adjective

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  • 1 she was completely well again
    healthy, fine, fit, robust, strong, vigorous, blooming, thriving, hale and hearty, in good shape, in good condition, in fine fettle
    informal in the pink
    [Antonyms] ill
  • 2 all is not well
    satisfactory, all right, fine, in order, as it should be, acceptable
    informal OK, hunky-dory, jake
    [Antonyms] unsatisfactory
  • 3 it would be well to tell us in advance
    advisable, sensible, prudent, politic, commonsensical, wise, judicious, expedient, recommended, advantageous, beneficial, profitable, desirable; a good idea
    [Antonyms] inadvisable
  • Phrases

    as well

    I'll have the shrimp cocktail as welltooalsoin additionadditionallyinto the bargainbesidesfurthermoremoreoverlikewiseto boot

    as well as

    we sell books as well as newspaperstogether withalong withbesidesplusandwithon top ofnot to mentionto say nothing oflet alone

    well done

    well done, Robbie, your voice has never been bettercongratulationsbravoright oncongratsmy complimentsgood workthree cheersfelicitations

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    Pronunciation: naʊs
    common sense; practical intelligence

    Synonyms of well in English:



  • 1 she drew water from the well
    borehole, bore, spring, waterhole
  • 2 he's a bottomless well of forgiveness
    source, supply, fount, reservoir, wellspring, mine, fund, treasury
  • verb

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  • 1 tears welled from her eyes
    flow, spill, stream, run, rush, gush, roll, cascade, flood, spout; seep, trickle; burst, issue, upwell
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