Synonyms of wide in English:



  • 1 a wide river
    broad, extensive, spacious, vast, spread out
    [Antonyms] narrow
  • 2 their eyes were wide with shock
    fully open, dilated, gaping, staring, wide open
    [Antonyms] closed
  • 3 a wide range of opinion
    comprehensive, broad, extensive, diverse, full, ample, large, large-scale, wide-ranging, exhaustive, general, all-inclusive
    [Antonyms] limited, restricted
  • 4 her shot was wide
    off target, off the mark, inaccurate
    [Antonyms] on target
  • adverb

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  • 1 he opened his eyes wide
    fully, to the fullest/furthest extent, as far/much as possible, all the way, completely
  • 2 he shot wide
    off target, inaccurately
  • Phrases

    wide open

  • 1.1 their mouths were wide open
    agape, yawning, open wide, fully open
  • 2.1 the championship is wide open
    undecided, unpredictable, uncertain, unsure, in the balance, up in the air
    informal anyone's/anybody's guess
  • 3.1 they were wide open to attacks
    vulnerable to, exposed to, unprotected from, undefended from, at risk of, in danger of
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