Synonyms of will in English:



  • 1 accidents will happen
    tend to, have a tendency to, are bound to, do, are going to, must
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    Synonyms of will in English:



  • 1 the will to succeed
  • 2 they stayed against their will
    desire, wish, preference, inclination, intention, intent, volition
  • 3 God's will
    wish, desire, decision, choice; decree, command
  • 4 the dead man's will
    testament, last will and testament, bequest
  • verb

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  • 1 do what you will
    want, wish, please, see/think fit, think best, like, choose, prefer
  • 2 God willed it
    decree, order, ordain, command
  • 3 she willed the money to her husband
    bequeath, leave, hand down, pass on, settle on; Lawdevise
  • Phrases

    at will

    he thought he could walk in and out of my life at willas one pleasesas one thinks fitto suit oneselfat whim

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