Synonyms of world in English:



  • 1 he traveled the world
    earth, globe, planet, sphere
  • 2 life on other worlds
    planet, moon, star, heavenly body, orb
  • 3 the academic world
    sphere, society, circle, arena, milieu, province, domain, orbit, preserve, realm, field, discipline, area, sector
  • 4 she would show the world that she was strong
    everyone, everybody, people, mankind, humankind, humanity, the (general) public, the population, the populace, all and sundry, ‘every Tom, Dick, and Harry’
  • 5 a world of difference
    huge amount, good deal, great deal, abundance, wealth, profusion, mountain
    informal heap, lot, load, ton
  • 6 she renounced the world
    society, material things, secular interests, temporal concerns, earthly concerns
  • Phrases

    on top of the world

    informal at age twenty, I was on top of the world See overjoyed

    out of this world

    informal the scampi at Vinnie's is out of this world See wonderful

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