Synonyms of write in English:



  • 1 he wrote her name in the book
    put in writing, write down, jot down, put down, note, take down, record, register, log, list; inscribe, sign, scribble, scrawl, pencil
  • 2 Jacqueline wrote a poem
    compose, draft, think up, formulate, compile, pen, dash off, produce
  • 3 he had her address and promised to write
    correspond, write a letter, communicate, get/stay in touch, keep in contact, email
  • Phrases

    write off

  • 1.1 they have had to write off loans
    forget about, disregard, give up on, cancel, annul
  • 2.1 she wrote off the cost of the computer
    deduct, claim
  • 3.1 who would write off a player of his stature?
    disregard, dismiss, ignore
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