Synonyms of wrong in English:



  • 1 the wrong answer
    incorrect, mistaken, in error, erroneous, inaccurate, inexact, imprecise, fallacious, wide of the mark, off target, unsound, faulty
    informal out
    [Antonyms] right, correct
  • 2 he knew he had said the wrong thing
    ill-advised, ill-considered, ill-judged, impolitic, injudicious, infelicitous, unfitting, out of keeping, improper
    informal out of order
    [Antonyms] appropriate
  • 3 I've done nothing wrong
    illegal, unlawful, illicit, criminal, dishonest, dishonorable, corrupt;
    informal crooked
    [Antonyms] ethical, legal
  • 4 there's something wrong with the engine
    amiss, awry, out of order, not right, faulty, flawed, defective
  • adverb

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  • 1 she guessed wrong
  • noun

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  • 1 the difference between right and wrong
    unlawfulness, crime, corruption, villainy, dishonesty, injustice, wrongdoing, misconduct, transgression
    [Antonyms] right, virtue
  • 2 an attempt to make up for past wrongs
    misdeed, offense, injury, crime, transgression, violation, peccadillo, sin;
    injustice, outrage, atrocity;
    Law tort
    archaic trespass
  • verb

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  • 1 she was determined to forget the man who had wronged her
    ill-use, mistreat, do an injustice to, do wrong to, ill-treat, abuse, harm, hurt, injure
  • 2 perhaps I am wronging him
    malign, misrepresent, do a disservice to, impugn, defame, slander, libel
  • Phrases

    get wrong

    don't get me wrong, I usually like Italian food
    misunderstand, misinterpret, misconstrue, mistake, misread, take amiss;
    get the wrong idea/impression

    go wrong

  • 1.1 I've gone wrong somewhere
    make a mistake, make an error, make a blunder, blunder, miscalculate, trip up
    informal slip up, goof, screw up, make a boo-boo, fluff, flub
  • 2.1 their plans went wrong
    go awry, go amiss, go off course, fail, be unsuccessful, fall through, come to nothing;
    backfire, misfire, rebound
    informal come to grief, come a cropper, go up in smoke, go adrift
  • 3.1 the radio's gone wrong
    break down, malfunction, fail, stop working, crash, give out
    informal be on the blink, conk out, go kaput, go on the fritz
  • in the wrong

    just admit that you're in the wrong
    to blame, blameworthy, at fault, reprehensible, responsible, culpable, answerable, guilty
    archaic peccant

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