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Synonyms of yield in English:


  • 1 too many projects yield poor returns
    produce, bear, give, supply, provide, afford, return, bring in, earn, realize, generate, deliver, offer, pay out
    informal rake in
  • 2 the nobility yielded power to the capitalists
    relinquish, surrender, cede, remit, part with, hand over;
    make over, bequeath, leave
    [Antonyms] withhold, retain
  • 3 the duke was forced to yield
    surrender, capitulate, submit, relent, admit defeat, back down, climb down, give in, give up the struggle, lay down one's arms, raise/show the white flag
    informal throw in the towel, cave in
  • 4 he yielded to her demands
    give in to, give way to, submit to, bow down to, comply with, agree to, consent to, go along with;
    grant, permit, allow
    informal cave in to
    formal accede to
    [Antonyms] resist, defy
  • 5 the floorboards yielded underfoot
    bend, give, give way
  • noun

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  • 1 risky investments usually have higher yields
    profit, gain, return, dividend, earnings
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