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Syllabification: E·gyp·tian
Pronunciation: /iˈjipSHən


  • 1Of or relating to Egypt or its people.
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    • He sees a growing number of veiled women on Cairo streets as a sign that Egyptian society is turning more religious.
    • An Egyptian sailor died in Brazil while unwittingly transporting an anthrax-laden suitcase from the Middle East.
    • It may be that leaving the Egyptian government to fend for itself could lead to a worse government in its place.
  • 1.1Of or relating to Egyptian antiquities: a large Egyptian collection was sold at Sotheby’s
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    • Thereafter England also enthusiastically embraced the craze for Egyptian antiquities.
    • Hope's interiors are filled with precisely drawn Greek and Egyptian antiquities that reveal a refinement of the neoclassical room.
    • In mid-July, Egypt contacted several foreign institutions to ask for the return of a number of key Egyptian antiquities.
  • 1.2Of or relating to the language of ancient Egypt.
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    • Coptic, a late form of ancient Egyptian language, was the common speech of Egypt and was used by the Coptic church in its liturgy.
    • In its attempt to inform the public of ancient Egyptian culture, the Field Museum fails to paint a complete and informative picture.
    • The reign of the pharaoh Amenhotep III marks the zenith of ancient Egyptian civilisation, both in terms of political power and cultural achievement.


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  • 1A native of ancient or modern Egypt, or a person of Egyptian descent.
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    • What help was there for ancient Egyptians when they were still alive?
    • The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese regularly used magnets in healing.
    • The ancient Egyptians had the cross as a religious symbol of their Gods.
  • 2The Afro-Asiatic language used in ancient Egypt, attested from circa 3000 bc. It is represented in its oldest stages by hieroglyphic inscriptions and in its latest form by Coptic; it has been replaced in modern use by Arabic.
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    • The name sesame is one of the few words to have passed into modern languages from ancient Egyptian, in which it was sesemt.
    • Hieroglyphs were phonetic and the underlying language was Egyptian.
    • She taught Classical Languages (including Egyptian, Ancient Greek and Latin) at a Waldorf School for six years.



Pronunciation: /iˌjipSHəniˈzāSHən/
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  • Effectively, it seems, the pyramid served both as a gigantic training project and - deliberately or not - as a source of ‘Egyptianisation’.
  • After this success, he set about the ‘Egyptianisation’ of his country.
  • This Egyptianization of the Greek monarchy was only superficial.


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  • Two small gold pendants from Ugarit made of sheet gold with incised imagery show highly Egyptianized females in long robes seated on high-backed chairs.
  • One remarkable head, probably but not certainly Cleopatra, depicts a woman in Egyptianized pose and regalia, but in marble rather than the stones employed in native sculpture, and is executed in a purely Greek sculptural style.
  • Excavation of the Greek settlement at Naukratis, the first autonomous foreign settlement permitted in Egypt under pharaonic rule, yielded a series of sixth-century B.C.E. Greek votive images created in an Egyptianizing style.

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