Definition of Megachiroptera in English:


Syllabification: Meg·a·chi·rop·ter·a
Pronunciation: /ˌmeɡəˌkīˈräptərə
A division of bats that comprises the fruit bats and flying foxes.
  • Suborder Megachiroptera and family Pteropodidae, order Chiroptera
More example sentences
  • There are two major groups of bats, usually given the rank of suborders, Megachiroptera and Microchiroptera.
  • The Megachiroptera, or fruitbats and flying foxes, navigate largely by sight and have large, forward-facing eyes that can see in very dim light, as you can see on the skeleton of a fruitbat pictured above.
  • The Megachiroptera includes the so-called fruitbats and flying foxes of the tropical forests of India, Africa, Asia, and Australia.


modern Latin (plural), from mega- 'large' + Chiroptera.



Pronunciation: /-tərən/
noun& adjective
More example sentences
  • The physical appearance of this species is similar to that of megachiropterans in general, with large eyes, simple ears, and no facial ornamentation.
  • All megachiropterans are nocturnal with the notable exception of Pteropus samoensis.
  • Baby megachiropterans are born weighing 20-30 percent of their mother's weight, and unlike many other microchiropterans, they are born with their eyes open, and with lots of hair!

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