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Syllabification: Nu·di·bran·chi·a
Pronunciation: /ˌn(y)o͞odəˈbraNGkēə
An order of shell-less marine mollusks that comprises the sea slugs.
  • Order Nudibranchia, class Gastropoda
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  • Of the four major sub-orders of Nudibranchia, at least two (Dentronotidae, and Doridae) include examples of swimming species.
  • There have been behavioral or cellular level physiological studies of swimming in Aplysia, Clione and Limacina, Dendronotus, Hexabranchus, Melibe and Tritonia (Nudibranchia).
  • The phylogenies of some orders of opisthobranchs (Anaspidea and Nudibranchia) based on partial sequences of nuclear 18S rRNA and mitochondrial rrnS, rrnL, and cox1 genes were also published recently.


modern Latin (plural), from Latin nudus 'nude' + branchia.

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