Definition of Protoctista in English:


Syllabification: Pro·toc·tis·ta
Pronunciation: /ˌprōtäkˈtistə
A kingdom or large grouping that is either synonymous with the Protista or equivalent to the Protista together with their multicellular descendants.
More example sentences
  • This section covers almost exclusively single-celled forms, i.e. the Protista or Protoctista.
  • He says there are twenty or more kingdoms hidden in the Protoctista gloss.


modern Latin (plural), based on Greek prōtos 'first'.



Pronunciation: /ˈprōtäkˌtist/
More example sentences
  • Most nations of the world do not have complete inventories of their flora and fauna, let alone their fungi, protoctists, and prokaryotes (microorganisms).
  • In recent years, eukaryotes have been broken down into four kingdoms: animals, plants, fungi, and protists or protoctists.
  • Those who study protoctists, nucleated microorganisms and their immediate descendants exclusive of animals, plants and fungi, are disenfranchised.

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