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Syllabification: Rhi·zop·o·da
Pronunciation: /rīˈzäpədə
A phylum of single-celled animals that includes the amoebas and their relatives, which have extensible pseudopodia.
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  • For a brief period before 1998, the clade soon to be called Cercozoa was referred to as Rhizopoda, as it included a large proportion of the species previously included in that form-taxon (specifically those bearing filose pseudopodia).
  • For convenience, earlier protist classifications placed all amoebae possessing lobose pseudopodia in the class Lobosea, belonging to the superclass or phylum Rhizopoda.


modern Latin (plural), from rhizo- 'root' + Greek pous, pod- 'foot'.



Pronunciation: /ˈrīzəˌpäd/
More example sentences
  • Warren conveys Leidy's boundless curiosity for the microworld by quoting a characteristic remark: ‘How can life be tiresome,’ Leidy asked, ‘so long as there is still a new rhizopod undescribed?’
  • But as many rhizopods were not in this group, including the best-known example, Amoeba, and many Cercozoa are flagellates rather than amoeboid, the name Cercozoa is much more welcome.
  • This strongly suggests that these tRNAs are edited by a mechanism similar to the one seen in the fungus Spizellomyces punctatus and the rhizopod amoeba Acanthamoeba castellanii.

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