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Syllabification: Wah·ha·bi
Pronunciation: /wəˈhäbē, wä-
(also Wahabi)

noun (plural Wahhabis /-bēz/)

A member of a strictly orthodox Sunni Muslim sect founded by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703–92). It advocates a return to the early Islam of the Koran and Sunna, rejecting later innovations; the sect is still the predominant religious force in Saudi Arabia.
More example sentences
  • He founded the Wahhabi sect of Islam, which is still followed in Saudi Arabia.
  • The majority of the citizens and the ruling family are Sunni Muslims, specifically Wahhabis.
  • It stays in power through a bargain with the conservative Wahhabi Muslim religious establishment.



More example sentences
  • The ceremony was not officially a state funeral, as the kingdom's strict version of Islam known as Wahhabism stresses the equality of all people in death.
  • They largely adhere to a strict version of Sunni Islam commonly known as Wahhabism, which requires a literal reading of the Koran.
  • This was a group that emerged in the 1950s from a group of Palestinians and Saudis being very close to Wahhabism, the main Islamic tradition of Saudi Arabia.


noun & adjective
More example sentences
  • In 1962 the Saudis established the Muslim World League to build Wahhabite mosques around the world and propagate the faith.
  • Muslims performing the hajj brought back Wahhabite ideas and literature, especially from India where successors of local Wahhabite leader Shah Waliullah were very active.
  • The Saudis distributed millions of copies of the Koran free, along with Wahhabite texts.

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